Core Java

Java since its inception in around 1991 has gained huge popularity, evolved into a robust technology that is used in almost 7 billion devices across the globe. Java is one of the most widely used technology for developing applications including but not limited to Enterprise Web applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications etc.

With vast access to APIs and Libraries, Platform independent support Java is a truly write once, run anywhere programming language.Some of the characteristics of Java that makes it more popular are listed below:

  • Simple: Java is one of the most efficiently designed programming language while keeping it simple. Java being an fully Object Oriented Language complies with all OOP specifications and maintains a uniform structure across all program constructs.
  • Object Oriented: Java is a pure Object Oriented Language where everything is treated as an Object. The Object Model in Java is simple and easy to extend, while simple types such as integers, double, character etc are retained as high performance non objects.
  • Multi Threading: Java supports multi threading.

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Without much further ado, dive into the starting the Core Java Starter Kit. If you do not have the Java Development Environment ready, check out the Setting up basic Java Development Environment.